Balouch Food International is the best aseel dates supplier in Pakistan. We supply all kinds of aseel dates to all over the Pakistan. Our Dates varieties are: Aseel DatesAseel pitted dates Aseel dates powderAseel dates pasteGAQ aseel dates FAQ aseel dates Industrial aseel datesYellow dry dates Brown dates Begum Jangi dates We supply dates all over the world. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. Balouch Foods International supplies fresh dates from own farms. Our farms are in khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan. We provides quality dates according to the need of customer. Our dates are best in flavor from all over the dates in the word. We provides 100% guaranty to provide best dates to all our customer. We have capacity to provide dates according to the customer demands. Our dates storage system enables us to provides dates all over the Pakistan and world through all over the year. Our Dates farms expands all over the region. Don’t fell hesitate to contact us. If you have any query before ordering dates then call us or leave a message on WhatsApp. Here is some product details PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPitted & Unpitied Aseel dates – Grade: Select, GAQ, FAQ, Industrial Type-1 and Type-2ORIGINPakistan COLORGrade: Select, GAQ, FAQ, and Industrial. Light Brown to dark BrownIndustrial T.1/T.2        : Medium Brown to Blackish BrownCOLOR VARIATIONMax. 10% by Count of datesAPPEARANCEGood Looking, Free FlowingTEXTUREFirm & SoftVARIETYAseel MOISTURE12% to 16%FLAVORSweet, no bitter flavors except natural fruit’s odorsFRUIT SIZEAseel-Select dates: 75 to 80 Pcs/lbsGrade GAQ: 80 to 90 Pcs/lbsGrade FAQ: 90 to 100 Pcs/lbsIndustrial Type 1: 100 to 120 Pcs/lbsIndustrial Type 2: No LimitsPITSMaximum 01 Pit fragment per 02 carton (Leverage)PACKING10-kg, 12.5 kg,and 25-kg packed in strong corrugated paper box inside high-density poly bag of blue color food grade.MICROBIOLOGICAL LIMITS PER GRAMMold : Preferably less than 1000 but up to 10000 allowedColiform :   Lass then 200 CFU/gCoagulase positive : NilBacillus Cereus : NilClostridia : NilStaphylococcus Aureus : NilYeast : Less than 2500 CFU/gSalmonella : NilE.coli : Les than 10 CFU/gAflatoxin : Less than 4 PPMINFESTATIONLIVE : NilDEAD: Nil (as per customer specification)MINERAL STONESOccasional in dates, These stones are sometimes penetrated deep inside the meet of the fruit and are not visible by a naked eye or metal detector, however, the incidents are rare but they do Occur at times.METAL CHECKProduct is passed through metal detector at the time of final packing capable to detect: Not more than Ferrous 1.5 mm Stainless steel 2.5 mm Non-ferrous 2.0 mm   GMO FREE PRODUCTThis product contains no genetically modified organismProduct contains NO substances originating from Microorganisms. We can issue our own certificate stating the product is NON GMO.FUMIGATIONPhosphine gas releasing tablets and Methyl bromide gas (optional if required by the buyer). On special request, Methyl Bromide with required dosage can be inflated in the raw material and in container until it is permitted to be used in PAKISTAN.SHELF LIFE18 Months from the harvest. Under Storage Conditions.STORAGE CONDITIONStore Between +2 and +6 degree Celsius. Proper rotation required to preserve the quality. Moisture level to be maintained between 55 and 70 percent in order to avoid drying or gaining moisture in the product.ADDITIONAL ALLOWANCES FOR INDUSTRIAL TYPE 2Up to 20% dates may be halves or quartersUp to 20% dates may be without proper shape or compressedUp to 20% dates may have torn skin.Up to 10% of dates may be sugared.ORGANIC DATES ADDITIONAL SPECIFICATIONSN/A HEAVY METALHeavy Metal        AOAC METHODLead: as PB         <0.1Cadium as CD    < 0.01PESTICIDE RESIDUEUnder Limit (as per Customer Demand)
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