Brown dry dates
In addition to being used as food for 6,000 years, dried dates have been used as a remedy for the following: 1-Inducing Labor 2-Detoxing the Body 3-Inflammation While modern science shows support for a few of these traditional medicine claims, further research is needed. Despite the need for more research, dried dates remain a delicious snack that most people can safely enjoy in moderation. Nutrition Information 1-Two dried dates contain: 2- Calories: 110 3- Protein: 1 gram 4- Fat: 0 grams 5- Carbohydrates: 31 grams 6- Fiber: 3 grams 7- Sugar: 27 grams Dried dates are a good source of: 1-Magnesium 2-Calcium 3-Iron 4-Potassium Contact us for more details and order
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