Date Blocks
Balouch Foods International, provides dates blocks. Block Dates is a block dates that lasts longer on the shelf than other lose Dates. It can be put in the refrigerator and used as per the need by just cutting down a part from a big block. Date block are best way to store dates for a long time. We delivered all size of date block according to the needs of customers. Block Pressed Dates – Block dates are a block / brick of dates – stripped dates. The original palm of the best quality is made into a block by pressing and pressing through a machine. Pressed Dates – Block Dates is a block of dry dates that stays on the shelf longer than other lost dates. It can be refrigerated and used by cutting only a portion of a large block as needed. Blocked Dates – Blocked dates do not contain any pits so they can be used at any time for cooking, making salads or making palm paste. It is advisable to have block pressed dates – block dates at cold and dry temperatures to maintain its texture and flavor. Contact us for more details and order.    
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