Aseel Pitted Dates
Balouch Foods International exports Aseel Pitted dates FAQ. Our company delivers dates in all parts of world. Quality and customer satisfaction is our first priority. Balouch Foods International largest export variety Aseel Dates is mainly grown in Khairpur District and out of the total cultivated, about 90 percent is cultivated in Khairput. Aseel is the most renowned and versatile of all date varieties in Pakistan. This variety is soft, large in size, oval in shapeand brown in color having an excellent taste. The variety preserves its normal shape and form, and maintains its wholesomeness. This is the leading variety in respect of quality and availability in Khairpur area. It is exported to the developed markets as dried fruit, pitted, as well as the ripe cured fruit in oval shape and medium size of 35-45 mm length. Aseel Dates It is of light yellow color when still in Khalal stage /doka stage, yellow and brown color when in the Rotab stage/dung stage and of light brown color when in storable state / Tamr stage. However, the fruit is fleshy, soft and delicious when consumed in full Khala and Tamr stages. Aseel dates belong to soft date’s group and its sugar content is mostly present as invert sugar.
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